As many of you know, outside of dreams, there lingers the Labyrinth. Jareth rules the Labryrinth. When you enter the Labyrinth, you will find many creatures...goblins, faeries..and other creatures. Many times, those who enter the Labyrinth have lost something...a childe. In that case, they have thirteen hours to get to the end of the Labyrinth. There, they will confront Jareth. Long Ago, a young girl did just that, and won back her baby brother. Now, the Labyrinth has a new in the Ravensdale. Jareth is very popular as is hailed as a friend to many. Lately he has undergone many changes, from fighting Kardis and those who wish to see him dead, to loosing the labyrinth and faking his own death.
Lately..after fighting and loosing to Darkness (Legend), he finally triumphs with the scars of his battle. Um during a rampage of all worlds by his goblin's, to rebuild their numbers in the Labyrinth, they find a tiny baby thron out like trash. They bring her to their King and he desides to raise her as a normal child and name her Twilight Jester, thefuture heir to the Labyrinth.

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