Erik Tonidor
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height: 6'
hair: Black
eyes: Brown
destinguishing features: none
race: Human
Age: Unknown
Rooms: Rivendell

Erik hales from Rivendell of the future. He travels through time by the means of a magical crest called the pheonix gate. This item has a golden pheonix on a blue background. Always with him is his pet pheonix Shanita.

Erik appeared within this time around the end of the void war. The society of the Pheonix sent him to study this battle to see how much truth was behind the stories. Also he was sent since the stories told of a person from the future assisting in the struggle against the darkness.

Vowing not to interfere until it was time, Erik kept his word. Keeping his secret from many of the realm to ensure not to harm the timeline or any future events. This traveler belongs to the society of the pheonix and the Oriku clan of the future. This man holds many secrets but will not tell all.

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