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StoneWall is a creature that lives in the buildings of the Rivendell. Made when the last stone of the Rivendell Tavern was built, it appears often to talk and repair the damage done by the patrons of the Rivendell. For this odd creatures bio.. Click here


Born of a race of fiercely agressive Ice-Giants, Loki had lived in his home country (Jotunheim) for most of his 3rd-Turn life. Later on -- much later, in fact -- he happened to run into Odin... and, after a Bloodbond, he rose to become an ally of the =C6sir (Norse God-peoples) -- as well as God of Fire and Mischief. Loki spent a bit of time with the =C6sir, in Asgard ... until he was just recently banished -- again. This time, though, he's not allowed to return. At all. Ever. So, in light of this, he's taken to spending a lot of time wandering the different Planes of the Multiverse... which, unfortunately for the Human-types, means more of a bother.


Howler is a 200 yr. old werewolf. Howler has grey fur with a black stripe down the back. He sports green eyes which turns red when angered. He also has an acute ability in telepathy and magik. He is the lord over the Kingdom of Luna in the Dark Domain. He travels to other realms by the means of portals. This werewolf is responisble for the increasing peace in the Dark Domain between his kingdom and various factions of creatures in his domain. Howler was killed while defending his castle from a attack.


This wolf was once the faithful pet of the warrior Lone Wolf, while in his mortal form. Lone Wolf, when he died the first time, seeing soul orbs before him in death, reached out and grabbed what he thought was his wife and daughter. When he came back as a wraith, he discovered that he had brought back a wolf and a fairy. Greymalkin was the wolf. This wolf was a dark grey, with green eyes. It could transport about the realm, and was a fierce fighter. When Lone Wolf seperated, Greymalkin went with Mystery and meet Sadie, Together they had a pack of cubs. Currently he watches over Mystery and the children in the wildwood.

Blood Tears

Blood Tears was a fairy, that was killed during a fight with some trolls. Brought back by Lone Wolf, she stayed with Lone Wolf everywhere she went, sometimes calming the warrior down. She had no where to go since she was dead. So she stayed with Lone Wolf. She was only 3 inches high, red hair, and tanned skin. She wore a leather tunic, and her wings stuck out the back. She was called Blood Tears because of the small tattoo that she wore under her right eye of a red tear. She stayed with Lone Wolf until he seperated and then stayed to watch over the children and Mystery in the wildwood. She has found a village and has also been restored to the living and has a current love interest in the village.


Always cold, and planning... always relentless and observing the ethereal Fate watches over the life of mortals and immortals equally. Fate spends eternity planning and manipulating the lives of those at its reach. Fate has come to the lives of Ravenleah, Tamsin Usar, Xcalibur, Peorth. Remi, and Usul Atraides, and it's webbing the futures only implies that tyjhois people as well as those around them will have to face.. their own fates


This Predator's ship was crashed after one of two shipmates had been affected by a Xenomorph (see the 'Alien' movies). After the hatching of the queen, the second Predator fell and with the Queen now far from Rivendell after beaten, this Predator remains in hiding to lick his wounds in preparation for the next hunt. For his bio... click here


A weretiger from 2057, he was cast here by a mage he defeated. He arrived two years and has been here ever since. He carries a doctor's bag filled with odds and ends.